About Us

Her Girl Friday is dedicated to empowering journalists and nonfiction storytellers by creating opportunities for learning, networking, collaboration, and the production and showcasing of meaningful nonfiction projects in a variety of media. Our initiatives are open to anyone, but our focus is on centering those who identify as women including cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people of any nationality, ethnicity, age, ability, or orientation.

What We Do
We produce a few events a year with good vibes and real takeaways for (and featuring!) female-identified journalists and nonfiction storytellers. Our events focus on highlighting projects, encouraging collaboration, and helping journalists to expand their toolkits. We’ve had panels on how to pitch stories, presentations featuring investigative projects, and recently went out to San Francisco to showcase journalists who were choosing their own adventures.

Who We Are
Talisa Chang, Diana Diroy, Jihii Jolly, Juliet Linderman, Jackie Snow, Aldona Watts and Karen Zraick.